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Did You Know?

We Keep A Web Design Blog?

We recently launched a website design blog detailing some of the projects we're working on. This blog is not only a resource for ourselves, as we can see projects-past, but for other website designers outside of Tallahassee who might run into the same problems we've encountered. We're firmly committed to open-source software and dispering as much accurate, helpful information as we can into the public domain. Don't worry! We're not giving away any secret stuff nor disclosing any private information about any of clients. Want to see for yourself? Start reading right now.

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About Us

We have been doing website design in Tallahassee since August of 2001. Our clients are companies you know and we stand behind every website we create with 24 hour support. We know when your site is down or is offline for any reason you are missing out on business which is why we stand behind every website we design.

Who We Are and What We Know

We are a team of six developers whose areas of expertise blend to create professional websites for business and groups of all sizes. We have two .NET programmers, two PHP/MySQL programmers, a designer and a project manager. Individually we all have the expertise to work alone but as a team we can quickly and efficiently turn out custon web sites in Tallahassee and around the Big Bend community.


There are a lot of companies in Tallahassee that will turn out dozens of sites a month. They simply download a template, charge you $1,000, spend 10 hours throwing it together and forking over a bill. We charge $60/hr for all aspects of design and initial programming and $50/hr when edits and revisions are needed. We will not touch anything without your written approval. Too bad the Ford dealership in town doesn't do that. We hate surprises and we think you do too. We will happily maintain your website if another company/individual built it for $75/hr. Why do we charge more? Because other companies typically do not take the same time and effort to make their websites as high quality as we do. Sloppier code makes for crankier programmers.